October 9, 2010


Peace Be to You...

God Love You is a ministry of the Catholic Resource Center.  The mission of this apostolate is to introduce a new generation to the meaning and purpose of life as revealed in the Catholic Faith. To this end, each month features a new online video produced by Matthew Arnold that encourages the practical application of the wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality of Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

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Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen foresaw much of what troubles society today as a logical consequence of abandoning the truths of the Catholic Faith for their many modern counterfeits. Throughout the immense body of his popular works, Fulton Sheen emerges again and again as a truly prophetic voice for our times.

One of the best educated prelates of the 20th century, Bishop Sheen had a God-given gift for relating the deep truths of the Catholic Faith with clarity, charity and conviction. A true pioneer in religious broadcasting, his masterful use of radio and television made him the best-known Christian preacher and philosopher in the English-speaking world. 

The Servant of God was also a highly influential participant at the Second Vatican Council. His articulate presentation of the teaching of the Council and his penetrating analysis of events in the Church in its aftermath provide a sure guide for navigating the true course set by the Council in the turbulent waters left in the wake of the "Spirit of Vatican II."

Truly a "saint for our times," Bishop Sheen’s treasury of wisdom and practical philosophy represent a model for applying the unchanging truths of the Catholic Faith to life in the 21st century. His insights into religion, politics, psychology and many other crucial topics are every bit as valid today as when he first formulated them and reveal the key to finding true happiness.

God Love You.